One-on-One Coaching

I can attribute $19,200 to transactions directly related to our coaching over the past two months. This is one of the best investments I have ever made in grown my business.”
– Lindsay Smith
As a Life and Business Coach, Certified with the International Coaching Federation, Debbie understands that YOU are the expert on your own life. That said, we all become “cloudy” at times, and have difficulty finding our own way. An effective coach will listen carefully and ask the deep questions required to help you locate your own wisdom.  Debbie will help you identify your strengths while also enabling accountability for areas which may be holding you back.

Among other goals and expectations, One-on-One Coaching with Debbie will empower you to:

  • Implement Choices for Conscious Living
  • Define Your Strengths & Forgive Your Weaknesses
  • Learn to Live Your Life Based on Your Values
  • Expand Your Life, both Personally and Professionally
  • Give Yourself Permission to Be Happy

All coaching calls are recorded and emailed privately in an MP3 format, along with Debbie’s notes on the session. Recordings allow you to be completely present on the call, and we find that those clients who listen to the recordings move much more quickly and successfully toward their goals. There are NO long-term contracts required with Debbie’s One-on-One Coaching services.


Private One on One Coaching with Debbie on Zoom

,Zoom Coaching Session Recordings are complimentary.

Ala Carte Zoom Coaching Calls:

30 minutes $325
60 minutes $595

Monthly Prepaid Packages:

30-minute Coaching Sessions

Two 30-minute Zoom sessions per month. $595
Four 30-minute Zoom sessions per month $1,150

60-minute Coaching Sessions

Two 60-minute Zoom sessions per month $1,100
Four 60-minute Zoom sessions per month $2,000

“Debbie is an amazing real estate coach and even a more amazing person.  She has provided insight into my business which enabled me to become more efficient, profitable, and customer service oriented.  She has such an insight into the real estate industry and could always provide information in current and future trends.  Her coaching extends beyond the office to help me expand my life with family.  She truly has a heart of gold and I would never hesitate to encourage anyone to take the opportunity to coach with Debbie.  Thank you, Debbie, for all that you do!”
Jake Rasmusson

Bishop Real Estate