Leadership Group Coaching

Accelerate your learning—and your results—by joining other like-minded business owners for a year of intense focus on leadership skills, characteristics, and techniques designed to improve your business. The group consists of 6 to 8 business owners/leaders who focus on a specific topic for intensive implementation each month of the year.

Based on the philosophy that every business is involved in three primary activities—lead generation, lead conversion, and management of the business functions—Debbie’s Leadership Group works through a specific focus month-by-month. The group meets by phone for an interactive conversation, facilitated by Debbie, and each participant shares their specific expertise in the month’s chosen area of focus, thereby enhancing and multiplying knowledge and growth for the entire group. A digital sharing platform provides a library of examples, marketing plans, documents, and visuals that allow participants to build on each other’s strengths, rather than wasting time by trying to “reinvent the wheel.”

The group is further paired off with accountability partners for weekly check-in calls, and progress is documented through written update reports provided to all participants. If you are looking to grow quickly, supported by other like-minded individuals, this Leadership Coaching Program is a unique experience designed to support business and leadership growth.

Specifically, Leadership Group Coaching with Debbie empowers current and future leaders by helping you to better:

  • Embrace Leadership Challenges
  • Acknowledge Your Strengths
  • Forgive Your Weaknesses
  • Build Stronger Relationships
  • Accept Accountability
  • Empower Team Members
  • Grow Professionally & Personally

New Leadership Coaching Group will be forming periodically. Put your name on the waiting list for the next group opening—or learn more about how these groups operate—by contacting us today.

Debbie Yost’s Leadership Coaching helped me in a number of ways. Not only to grow my business but to see myself as a Leader. Leadership skills are learned and needed to create and grow a cohesive team. Seeing the business from the teams prospective so that you can bring out the best in everyone. Making sure that I had the right people on my team and nurturing as well as empowering them to own their roles. By being a better leader I was able to create a better team allowing me the freedom to live my life in a more balanced way and do all the things I enjoy doing such as traveling. I can not go aways for a few weeks knowing that my team is running on automatic pilot and our clients are being serviced as they deserve to be. The Leadership Coaching also made me a better Realtor and better person as I am able to listen to those around me better and communicate more effectively. I highly recommend Debbie Yost to take you to the next level in your business and in your life.
Orly Steinberg

Broker, The Morris Group

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What Past Group Members Have Said:

After completing a year of group coaching with Debbie Yost, I can honestly say I would recommend this process to anyone looking to grow both personally and professionally. If you are willing to embrace an environment that will challenge you as well as support you, and teach you as well as offer opportunities to teach others, then this is an experience not to be missed. You will learn to acknowledge your strengths and also to identify (and forgive) your weaknesses, and in both cases will have the support and accountability of the group and your coach to make the most of your gifts, talents and skills as well as the opportunities that are presented to you. If you are interested in taking your life and your business to the next level, Debbie can help you get there! Caution: If you are a lover of the status quo, this process is not for you 🙂

Debbie, thank you for always listening carefully with your mind, but even more for listening with your heart. The experience was rich and I look forward to more.

Kathy Schmidt

Broker, CMA, Schmidt Realty Group, Inc.

The Leadership Coaching has exceeded my expectations. I’ve had many coaches in the past, and Debbie is so much better than any I’ve worked with. She did what I needed & expected….she took the time to learn who I am; she gave us relevant assignments and held us accountable; and she listened. I felt like she spent time preparing for our calls vs. taking a quick minute to review just before the call and “winging it”. She also did a fabulous job of managing the variety of personalities. Having others on the call with me continually gives me permission to allow myself to embrace my challenges and areas of growth and know that I’m not alone. I’m building relationships with others that will continue well past our coaching calls end. Most importantly, I saw results. We increased sales; I now have more free time; and my business runs better than it did before. I am a huge Debbie Yost fan and recommend her highly! I can’t say enough about how positive my coaching experience was. I loved it! It is the best money I’ve ever spent!
Debbie Morris

Broker/Owner, The Morris Group

Coaching with Debbie Yost has been an amazing experience for me. I have grown so much as a leader with her help. I have managed to grow from a team of 7 to a team of 12 in 2 years, increase my market share, have more personal time off, enjoy my leadership role within the team more than ever before and successfully take a maternity leave!! Wow…..my life has become so much better thanks to Debbie! Not only does the coaching program teach you how to manage your business well, it helps you grow personally so that each aspect of your life is better.
Jette Youngblood

Jette Youngblood Real Estate, Logan, Utah

Debbie’s coaching far exceeded any expectations I had prior to the start. On a scale of 1 to 10, she is a 10. It would be impossible for me to even imagine an area where she could improve. She is excellent in her delivery, demeanor, follow up and teachings. Her experience shows in everything she does and says.
Pamela Walters

Broker/Owner, The Pamela Walters Group